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New Collective Agreement 2006-2008



Despite generating record profits the past 3 years, Banks are offering a paltry 5% salary increase for its employees.  SCBA explained that their proposal is based on the CPI (Consumer Price Index) at 5.9 % and that SCBA cannot grant a higher increase unless it can be established that the rate for the job of SBEU members can be evaluated to be of a higher value.

SBEU has agreed with SCBA to do a joint study to our jobs to determine their relative value based on the complexity and variation of job performed. Hopefully such study would enable SBEU to press for a higher salary band.

However it appears that such a study cannot be completed in time to be incorporated into the current CA but can only be implemented for the next CA,

SBEU believe that the CPI is not accurate and that cost of living has increased drastically the past three years.

SBEU will continue to press for a fair and equitable salary increase. In this regard we have  propose that Salary Revision shall be at 25%. This is based on the fact that Malaysia GDP growth 17.6 % and that profits of banks rose 33% during the last three years

We have made progress in the following ARTICLES:


SCBA has agreed in principle to upgrade the job functions of non clerical (office boys) to include some clerical functions so that we can upgrade the value of the job to enable us to increase the salary band of the non- clerical. 

It must be noted that non clerical must be proactive and be prepared to perform such value added functions so that they can stand to reap this potential benefit


SCBA agreed to incorporate a framework on PPS into the CA to facilitate those banks that are ready and prepared to be proactive and develop a robust, transparent and equitable PPS with SBEU.


It is surprising and disappointing to note that some member banks of SCBA do seem very keen on PPS. They only want to implement their own system at their sole discretion. It is hoped that such regressive banks are in the minority.


SCBA also agreed to incorporate a framework into the CA that will spell out the core benefits/allowances that bank must pay if they transfer employee outside their home base.


SCBA has agreed to allow members to be eligible for any amount of staff housing loan as long as the monthly repayment does not exceed 75% of gross take home salary. This effectively means that maximum amount of housing loan at current salary levels would range from RM130K to about 290K - a major increase from the existing $160,000.

SBEU is still pressing SCBA to reduce the interest rates and to allow progressive repayment.


SBEU has agreed to the 5 day week once the overtime cap on those earning above RM2000 is removed wef 1 Feb 2006, and a             Weekend banking allowance is paid if banks require members to change their restdays and work on weekends.


SCBA agreed to increase some allowance in tandem with the Salary increase of 5% and to merge the spectacle and dental allowance so that members can have more flexible access to these benefits

SCBA also agree to allow members to make use of the family medical entitle to purchase medical insurance for their  spouse and children. SBEU welcome this initiative.

Outstanding issues:

v      Retirement age. Training, Maternity, Insurance.  

To convince SCBA to grant a reasonable increase in our benefits is not going to be easy.  It is vital that members MUST PLAY AN ACTIVE PART TO SUPPORT SBEU as we negotiate the difficult road ahead. The next round is scheduled for 1st Week November 2006.

Please note that all agreements are without prejudice basis and will be subject to an overall CA to be in place before they can be implemented.


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