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2016 - 2017

31 March to 1 April 2016


Siar Conference Room

SBEU Retreat & Training Centre


This 19th Edition of SBEU Management Handbook is published to institutionalize and operationalise the findings and the recommendations of the 19th Annual Management Workshop held in March 2016.

All Principal Officials, Branch Executives & staff attended the Workshop held earlier in February to allow for earlier planning for the 50th Anniversary celebrations.

It reviewed the performance of SBEU for 2015-2016 and drew up the programme of activities and the budget for the year ending 31/3/2017

The workshop reviewed the performance of officials and staff and decided on the honorarium & performance incentive for officials as well as bonus for staff.

It is hoped that our officials develop leadership, management & organizational skills and to perform their duties in accordance with laid down procedures and guidelines. 

The 80th EXCO meeting subsequently endorsed its findings and recommendation

This handbook is a guide and roadmap to assist Union officials in the discharge of their duties.  It is hoped that the handbook will be a useful reference and tool to manage SBEU in a professional and effective way.

Where appropriate selected of the handbook will be available in soft copy only.





  1. Our Organisation Charts are updated taking into account the need to allocate the right job and duties to the right person and also the geographical distances within the merged branches.

  2. We are seeking to amend the rules to provided for Deputy Branch Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer to enhance accountability and to facilitate succession planning.

  3. The administration is headed by the CEO and assisted by 4(5) staff at HQ and 12 (9) full time employees at the Retreat. We reduce HQ headcount by one in view of reduction of membership and GT on Full time off

  4. The President, CFO, AGS are granted time-off from 1 PM; Branch Managers, VPCL from 3 PM Mondays to Fridays.  The GS & GT are seconded full time.  

  5. Officials are required to spend at least 4 hours a week at the Union Office, excluding the time off and weekly secretariat/work sessions.  Official need to respond to emails in good time

  6. We need to enhance the performance, initiative and resourcefulness of officials and to develop their management skills.  They must be proactive in the management of SBEU.

  7. Executive Council, Branch Committee and IRC meetings must be held at least once in 3 months.  Minutes and reports shall be submitted to the CEO within 2 weeks.  Branch should issue letters to IRC if they failed to attend IRC meeting.

  8. The Attendance Monitoring Forms must be used to monitor performance of Officials and IRCs. 






  1. We achieved a Surplus of RM523,658.50 AGAINST Budgeted $573,428.67.  Revenue was RM1,617,649.23 against budget of RM1,737188.67 Levy collected is RM589,283.01.  Subscription fees collected was $739320.56 against budget of $853388.67 due to membership drop.

  2. We have drawn up a budget for the Financial Year ending 31/3/2017 of RM1,4914360.00 (2016 Budget RM1,185,950.00 /actual– RM1,093990.73). We project a deficit of RM401692.44, mainly due to 50th Anniversry celebrations. estimated at RM505,050.50.

  3. We will continue to enhance our financial control and governance.

  4. Officials and staff must continue to improve our efficiency and productivity.  By paying staff based on performance and responsibilities, we have improved accountability and overall performance. We declared bonus for staff and officials ranging from 1.5 to 4.0  monthly salary and paid honorarium up to $3000 in recognition of their contribution

  5. We must continue to build up our financial resources. Our diversification of our income away from membership subscription has helped us to face the threat of declining membership. Our non-subscription income ($288705.66) plus Retreat  Income- ($541461.19)= $830,166.85.is higher than our subscription income.

  6. Our Retreat is generating consistent profits. We will continue to make appropriate investment to ensure that it remains the Resort of Choice.

  7. We declared a dividend of 5% (2015- 5.5%) for the Benevolent Fund which is higher than prevailing Fixed Deposits rates mainly due to Retreat Performance. 194(78) members left the banking industry and have withdrawn a total amount of RM917,457.16 (RM259,256.62).






  1. The activities are streamlined to be more relevant and effective.  Branches must endeavour to carry out the activities as planned.  If they are unable to follow the schedule, approval must be obtained from the respective Principal Officials in Charge.  Approval will only be granted if there are justified reasons, and must be endorsed by the Executive Council.

  2. All activities in the programme have already been approved by the Executive Council.  Branches need only submit application for approval if there is a change in the budget and in the schedule.  Reports for each activity must be submitted within the stipulated time frame.

  3. Principal Officials at both HQ and Branches will be held accountable for the implementation of the programme.  Officials must continue to enhance the quality of the organisation and to improve on the participation rate of members in these activities.

  4. Resourcefulness, initiative and smart organising are important criteria.

  5. The Highlight for the year will be the 50th Anniversary Dinneron 17 Sept 2016






  1. SBEU continue to put emphasis on Training & Education. The SBEU Education & Training Programme was reviewed and consists of
    • Enhancing Work Performance
    • Managing Grievances/Disputes Effectively
    • Cross Border Exchange Programme
    • External Courses conducted by MTUC, UNI, & Training Providers. Our focus continues to be
  2. on training our officials and members on Performance Pay. We are working with some banks to conduct joint courses.
  3. Most of Education and training activities for the year are being held at the Retreat@siar.
  4. We are reviving the Exchange Programme which will give chances to our selected officials to meet Trade Unionist from another country. We want them to learn and understand the different culture of trade union movement of other country.
  5. We need to improve the competency of our trainers and will continue to use external trainers where feasible.
  6. All 4 officials have completed the Masters programme in management.
  7. We really hope to see improved performance of officials who have completed the Masters as well as the diploma in Business Administration, Institute of Professional Managers & Administrators, UK programme. We want to see returns on our substantial investment.
  8. The relevant forms are included in the CD ROM to assist Branches to conduct the courses.  They are Course Proposal, Budget Sheet, and Account Sheet & Course Report Form.







  1. Social/Welfare and Women activities and programme are headed by Director – Non-Clerical.  We need to increase the level of Principal Women officials from President, two directors, AGT, 1 Branch Chairman, 1 Branch Manager.
  2. Social and Welfare programme continue to be an important part of our activities as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility and to celebrate our 50th Anniversary in 2016.  The highlight will be a Gala Dinner for all members in Sarawak on 17 Sept
  3. Branches must continue to ensure that the activities are cost effective and give value added.  It must be emphasized that Branch must organise activities with enthusiasm, resourcefulness and attention to details.  Do not organise for the sack of organising.
  4. Branches are to use the following documents which are available in the CD ROM to organise and carry out the planned activities.
  5. A Guide is also available to assist Branches to submit proposals and reports.
  6. Branch may submit proposals for any additional activity for consideration on a case by case basis.






  1. Responsibility for Organizing is now is with GS.

  2. The organising activities for the year are mainly concentrated on the ROM visits.

  3. The TPPA will give us an opportunity to expanding our scope to include the Insurance and other Financial Services sectors as well as non-executive officers. This will pose an organising challenge in the coming years.

  4. Hopefully this will offset our membership loss during the past decade.  We lost almost 200 members due to VSS for the year.

  5. We hare continuing our efforts to represent non-Executive officers in Maybank & Ambank.

  6. The workshop sought to make SBEU@Workplace visit more relevant and to focus on performance pay and organising issues.  Branches are expected to take more accountability and to be very proactive in implementing the visits. The Checklist and Report Form are further updated.

  7. The workshop reiterate the need to monitor closely the effectiveness of these workplace visits.  We have introduced an evaluation form for members to provide feedback on the visits.

  8. SBEU’s target is that all eligible employees must join the union within 6 months from the date of employment.  Towards this end, branches must issue ORG-1 to these employees, if any.  We will also recruit all contract, temporary and probationary staff.

  9. The following are available in the CD ROM: ORG1, ORG4, ORG5 Guidelines for organising non executive officers.







  1. SBEU manages three Insurance Scheme for members, bank employees and their families.
    • Group Multiple Benefits Insurance Scheme (GMBIS) with Great Eastern Life Assurance Ltd & AIA Insurance Mysia Bhd
    • General Insurance Scheme with The Pacific  Insurance Malaysia Bhd & LonPac Insurance
    • Hospital & Surgical Insurance with Etiqa and AIA
  2. Premium received for the year ending is $2,256,590.20 ($2,199,128.00) covering 4110 (4246) members & spouses & children participating for Great Eastern and $365,990.70 ($41,870.40) covering 1152 (1180) members for AIA. SBEU earns 5% commission of the premium with GEL and 10% with AIA. Commissions earned total $149,428.58 ($151,813.44). The increase is due to the successful promotion drive
  3. We will launch a promotional drive  for GELA during 3rd Quarter 2016
  4. Total claims for the year is  $551,153.81 ($595,533.27)
  5. SBEU is an authorised agent for The Pacific & Lonpac Insurance to sell general insurance, earning agency commission. Premium collected for the year is $421,735.87 ($401,013.84). Claims total $228,501.90 ($119,819.50).  
  6. Our H & S Insurance for Families with AIA and ETIQA covers 1002(1042), taking advantage of the $530 reimbursement under the CA.
  7. We are revising the Service Agreement on 3rd party management of employee medical benefits of banks to focus on service standards to ensure a satisfactory service and access of medical benefits.
  8. We have improved our services and cleared most outstanding claims and discrepancies. The detailed workflow processes have helped to improve monitoring and management of the insurance operations. 







  1. The Union Yes Retreat & Training Centre at Siar Breach started operations on 1 May 2006 offering hotel standard accommodation and resort facilities in a Boutique and Retreat environment.

  2. The Retreat is of growing importance to the performance of SBEU not only as a value added service to members and a training facility for SBEU, but also contribute significantly to the dividend of SBEU’s Benevolent Fund.

  3. The SBEU BF was introduced in 1995. We declared a dividend of 5% (2015- 5.5%) which is higher than prevailing Fixed Deposits rates. We are confident that we will be able to maintain a consistent dividend for 2016.

  4. Improvements during the year include expanded entrance, additional fencing, roof to 501 patio and refurbishments to main block. The Retreat remain the premier resort in Lundu and is popular with Government agencies, Corporates, NGOs and tourists. Members enjoy substantial discounts.

  5. Maintenance and replacement cost has increased as equipments are 10 year old

  6. Responsibility for the financial performance of the Retreat rest with the CEO. Day to day operations is handled by a Service Manager at The Retreat and a Sales Manager at HQ. The Retreat currently employs 12(11) full time staff.

  7. The Retreat achieved room occupancy of 50.59% (48.32%), operating profit of $541461.19 ($471608.24) on revenue of $1798305.29 ($1603094.98) for the year ending 31/3/2015

  8. We project a profit of $580208.00 ($541461.19) room occupancy 52.53% (46.64%), and gross sales of $1801108.00 ($1631452.4) for the financial year ending 31/3/2017.







  1. in 1990, SBEU first introduced a Merchant Discount Scheme whereby members will get discounts when they patronized merchants and other busies outlet
  2. With the increasing cost of living and consumers prices, SBEU relaunched the scheme in 2012 to provide another  value added service  for members
  3. While SBEU has been successful in increase the salaries of members, we felt the need for members to maximize their purchasing power.
  4. The scheme is designed to offer attractive discount BUT not to encourage members to spend unnecessary
  5. A total of 248 Merchants have signed up for the scheme offering discount between 5 to 30%. We hope to have 300 merchants in all towns throughout Sarawak
  6. Members have to show their SBEU membership card at the selected Merchants, who will have the Discount Scheme logo displayed.



Disclaimer Statement

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